Learn Mac OS X Yosemite 10.10 Under 60 Minutes

**These are the strategies I use daily to get the most performance while using Yosemite everyday while I work and perform task with my Mac. Give it three video lessons and if you aren't learning simply ask for a refund.

Learn how to increase your productivity 10x using Yosemite on Mac. Learn from a Professional Educator and Entrepreneur that knows how to get a point across which anyone can understand. We share some of the best overall tips for improving performance. Being a teacher for almost 20 years has definitely helped me learn the best strategies for teaching others new content. I have applied that experience and knowledge while building this course so every student understands and has fun while learning. Users will be amazed just how much more productive they can be using Yosemite after taking this course.

Apple has finally allowed iOS devices and Macs to communicate with each other which increases performance and overall usability. Let us show you how to be part of this Apple ecosystem to be the most productive. We share some of the best hidden features Yosemite offers in our course, hands down.

We have broken the course into categories so its easiest to learn and apply our techniques right away. In this course we share techniques and strategies that takes a long while to grasp alone. This course will immediately eliminate the learning curve for Mac and Yosemite. This isn't just a course for Yosemite but we share tips for OS X as a whole too.

It's a scientific fact we comprehend more by seeing as opposed to just reading. We will share some of our best Mac apps as well as sites where you can find useful resourses for your Mac.

Your Instructor

Mitch Stevens
Mitch Stevens

Hi!! I'm known online and Youtube as Mitch aka the iPhonecaptain. I have been part of the Youtube community since June 2011. My channel currently has over 30,000 subscribers. I was a school teacher for almost 20 years so I thoroughly enjoy teaching others new concepts. Sign up today and start earning money creating videos on Youtube.

Follow my course and start earning on Youtube today.

In addition to Youtube I run my site called iPhonecaptain. I have been a web master for the past four years and have really had fun doing along the way. Teaching others about technology is what I enjoy the most. After creating my first web site online I was hooked to say the least from the beginning.

I have a beautiful daughter in high school. We enjoy playing games and discussing techniques for using iOS devices together. Of course she thinks she knows the best way for whatever issue or problem is at hand.

I'm confident after taking any of my courses users will be much more knowledgeable of the content being taught.

If you feel you haven't learned what I said you would I'll gladly refund your money.

Take charge today and start learning.

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  Welcome to Learning Yosemite and Becoming 10X Productive on the Mac
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